During my training as a nurse, I quickly wanted to associate the movement with my knowledge of care. So I started studying Physical Education and Sport and these two courses led me to do research to assess the effects of adapted physical activity (APA) in children with chronic diseases. During these years as a research assistant, I was able to work in the field, train in research, do a Master's degree in Exercise, Sport, Health and Handicap and participate in the creation of the Sportsmile Foundation.

These experiences then allowed me to teach at the University of Geneva the fundamentals of APA to future masters of physical education and sport and to participate in the creation of the Master in Adapted Physical Activity and Health for the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne.

My personal life then took me abroad for 11 years (Hong Kong, Tokyo, London). On the other side of the globe, I started my physical activity coaching activity activity for health and wellness: laet's move! This activity quickly led me to want to develop in addition, skills in life coaching to combine movement and overall well-being, body and mind: laet's talk! Finally, my background in nursing allowed me to coach people with different chronic diseases (cancer, excess weight, diabetes, joint problems) or mild disabilities: laet's care!

Back in Switzerland, I particularly appreciate the access to nature which is a great plus for my coaching and to accompany all the people who call on my services.

Looking forward to meeting you.


laet's move together!

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