"Laetitia is an incredible trainer. She is highly qualified and very knowledgeable about the body given her nursing and research background. Her work as a life coach gives her good perspective as well when working with clients. She worked with me as I was going through treatment for cancer and helped me stay active but was very conscious of my energy levels and how much I was able to do. She was also able to assist me in thinking about different ways to help me feel better. As my health improved she was able to push me further although stayed very attuned to my energy as it varied due to the medication I was on. I loved having her as part of my life and she was a vital part of my road to recovery. She ended up doing training with my husband as well and was a crucial part of getting him back into shape!" K. London

"Laetitia trained me for the Oxfam trail in Japan, 100km in a team of 4, in less than 48 hours in the Japanese mountains around Mount Fuji, at least 5000 m of positive gradient. I never thought it would be possible to achieve this performance, 27 hours of walking with only 4 breaks. And yet from day one, under the gentle and confident authority of Laetitia, I never doubted going all the way. Laetitia takes care of the mind, the patient construction of fitness, health, knowing how to find the successful specialists if necessary and the pleasure to progress, to succeed." S.A. Tokyo

"During my 1 year stay in London, I did 2 coaching sessions/week with Laetitia in Hyde Park. I needed a coach because of some special physical needs. Laetitia has been a very careful listener, providing a perfectly adapted and varied program. We had a lot of fun together. She worked on physical as long as psychological aspects. Her coaching was completely holistic and brought me a lot of self-esteem and physical development. "N. London

"I have been training with Laetitia for more than two years and I always look forward to our meetings. I started at a time when I was close to personal burn-out and Laetitia's NLP approach helped me manage my stress levels, sleep better and ultimately feel better. As I recovered, we spent more time exercising than walking and talking. Laetitia always know when I need a boost and she even send me messages to make sure I stay on track. I highly recommend her!" J. London

"Laetitia is very pro and very patient, she adapts perfectly to her "students" and their level. She is very attentive to the technique, and to the accuracy of the movements. This makes it possible not to damage the back. It is full of advice of all kinds, dietetic, aesthetic, etc. She knows how to add a touch of well-being to the sporting side. The course is friendly, but serious. It's really tailor-made!" V. London

"We meet every week in Hyde Park with a small group of girlfriends. Laetitia coaches us for an hour, for a session of cardio, muscle building, or Nordic walking, etc. As the seasons go by and in a sublime setting, sport becomes a real pleasure!" Mr. London

"I had the chance to cross the road of Laetitia de Laet's move when I arrived in Valais. At least once a week (you quickly get hooked), Laetitia is there to show me the way to surpass yourself! Always in a good mood, welcoming and attentive, the sessions follow each other but are not alike: several or solo; Indoors or outdoors sometimes muscle building, sometimes active walking; sometimes ski touring or alpine skiing… You never know what sauce you're going to eat but you always know you're coming out of these sessions with fishing. A big thank you to you Laetitia, without you I would never have managed to do Sierre/Crans-Montana in 2 hours … I'm counting on you to make me climb up to Bella him." C. Crans Montana

"More than two years now that our small group of Tuesday friends meets in the park in the morning, in all seasons, for Laetitia's fitness sessions. The exercises are varied, measured and adapted to our needs. The atmosphere is always warm: Laetitia knows how to motivate us with a firm kindness and always in a good mood! She arrives with great mastery to find the right exercises when our attempts at chatting risk turning the session into a health walk!!And if one of us is away for a week, she misses her fitness session with the band!
Thank you to our coach so kind, smiling and efficient!!Mr. London

"I look forward to my session with Laetitia each week. Thanks to her I stay made but its much more than just physical exercise. Her encouragement and positivity carry through other parts of my life as well. Thank you Laetitia." K. Skype

"Laet's move, a tailor-made course, a passionate and attentive coach, a punchy atmosphere, the perfect cocktail to have and/or regain fitness, while listening to your body! Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" D. Tokyo

"Great good took me to call for help to support my daughter, 16, in the preparation of the GCSE, an exam that is so important in the eyes of the English! From the first time they met, my daughter began to work, as she had never done, with enthusiasm and method. The result was the GCSE exams obtaining a whole collection of A's (excellent grades) for subjects where it had long stagnated at level C (average!)". A. London

"Laetitia has the high quality of listening and adapting: to our needs, to our desires, to our constraints. As she is very versatile, she has many tools at her disposal and uses them with great sensitivity to adapt her coaching. You really feel listened to and supported in your project. No wonder, then, that with the health crisis, it has been creative and adapted. His Skype classes in small groups are great: good atmosphere, varied and progressive exercises, adapted to a small space. It makes us use simple objects for a very complete work, always listening and attentive to each. Warming up, targeted work, stretching… The session is complete, never monotonous, different from week to week, always with good humor. A real breath of oxygen!" A. Skype

I followed Laetitia's passion since long before her stay in Tokyo and did not hesitate to ask my son, apprentice professional golfer, to attach the coaching services when Laetitia returned to London.
It was a happy initiative as the current passes between the two and Florian became Swiss Amateur Champion in 2016.
F. Switzerland

laet's move together!

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