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Well-being & Life coaching


The human being is a whole system: your mind and your body.
Life is a journey through different phases and steps and brings many unforgettable moments: happiness, anger, sorrow, challenges, doubts, stress. Learning to deal with these emotions through well-being & life coaching is a way to get to the very best of you and enable you to choose the path that will improve your life.

Laetitia will work with you to enhance your quality of life and to support and encourage your personal or professional growth. In fact, you may look for well-being & life coach for diverse reasons:

  • - To manage stress, anxiety, fears,...
  • - To improve self- confidence, self esteem, concentration, motivation,...
  • - To mitigate phobia, sleeping concerns,...
  • - To improve relationships with family, partners, colleagues,...
  • - To feel more fulfilled at work
  • - To adapt to stages of life
  • - To improve health conditions (weight concerns, addictions, etc.)
  • -…

Finally, Laetitia will work with you to help you to find the answers yourself and to find and develop your resources. The sessions will take place:
  • - At my office
  • - At your home
  • - At your office
  • - In a quiet place

One on One session for 75 minutes


Youth are going through different phases linked with body development, hormonal changes and the social interaction. All of them can affect the emotional balance and life at home, at school and/or interaction with peers.
Laetitia has a extensive experience with kids and teenagers through sports and coaching. She will support them to discover their potential and abilities in order to develop their own resources to face these phases in their early life.

The Youth may need support for:
  • Learning concerns: motivation, memory, concentration,…
  • Support success in examinations, to facilitate access to learning
  • Develop his/her capacities of learning, self-confidence,…
  • Behavior disorders: shyness, aggressiveness, lack of self-confidence and/or self-esteem,…
  • Become aware of his/her qualities, talents, resources and skills
  • Develop new behavior to surmount emotional situations, learning, motivation, orientation, management of his/her feelings, search for identity,…
  • Optimize his/her performances, learn to make choices, concretize an objective
  • ...

Before starting the sessions, Laetitia will have a conversation with the parents and she will then see the child on One on One.
The sessions will take place:
  • - At my office
  • - At your home
  • - In a quiet place

One on One session of 45 min


Athletes follow a very strict and special physical and technical preparation. Actually, it is well known that mental preparation is as essential as physical preparation. Laetitia has practiced different sports and she is convinced that mental preparation and visualization is a precious approach to fulfill the abilities of an athlete. With the athlete, she will work to improve, enhance and/or reinforce either:
  • - Self esteem
  • - Stress management and pressure
  • - Low level of energy
  • - Emotional and physical stability during and between competitions
  • - Identitiy as an athlete
  • - Beliefs, representations, personal and entourage expectations
  • - Regularity in the game and in the performances
  • - Tools to improve concentration and recovery
  • - Injury management
  • - Conflicts: with coach, parents, entourage, …

One on One session of 60 min